The idea behind

INTECRE - Innovative Technologies for Multi-dimensional Integrated Spatial Development

The Baltic Sea Region is one of the most interconnected economic areas of Europe. Its special feature is the variety of its cultural, economic, and also ecological potential.
Central precondition for a sustainable economic development and for the cooperation of the Baltic rim is the availability and use of innovative technologies which support spatial planning processes and Strategic Environment Assessment.
Requirements, which need to be addressed by such technologies, arise from the challenges like
A trawler at the coastline of Rügen island, Baltic Sea area, Germany
A trawler at the coastline of Rügen island, Baltic Sea area, Germany

As a result of INTECRE, the profile of ELI will be refined by a more concrete formulation of targets for research and development of technologies for supporting technology development which support spatial planning and Strategic Environment Assessment. Furthermore, a concept for the realization of the respective cooperation projects will be developed. These projects shall focus primarily on Horizon 2020 and complementary programs (ERA activities, Central Europe, INTERREG beginning in 2014). Additionally, bilateral cooperation with SME partners is foreseen independently from projects.