Mission & Concept

Mission and concept of INTECRE

INTECRE addresses two cross-sectoral research topics of ELI, (a) instruments and technologies to support planning and decision-making processes, and (b) instruments for adaptive management of land systems. In phase I of the project, INTECRE should take the position of a pioneer platform for a mainly SME-oriented collaboration in the context of ELI. INTECRE is expected to
  1. extend the regions covered by ELI so far by integrating the Baltic rim,
  2. further specify the profile of the two cross-sectoral topics (science-based technology concepts for Impact Assessment, planning and consulting processes in spatial planning on the basis of adaptive system management approaches), and
  3. operationalize such projects with the help of new, complementary partners.
The concept of INTECRE
The concept of INTECRE

The figure shows the concept of INTECRE. On the basis of expertise and competence of partners, in phase II it is scheduled to identify application cases and model regions, which are subject of common R&D activities, with a focus on European funding programs.